A Gram is worth a Damn

I guess I went off a bit last night. But it wasn’t all a meaningless rant. So let’s start with the last thing I said. Conversion to the Metric System

Yes, I am aware that America tried this some years back and it didn’t work. That shouldn’t have surprised anyone. We don’t like to change if it means it will take some work on our part. Well, too bad.

It is completely retarded to still be using the English system of units. I’m not even going to explain why, because you already know the reason why the metric system is better. So I’m just going to go ahead and do it. And I don’t care if you want to be stupid. Again, too bad.

Of course the conversion failed before. We gave up on it. You can’t expect everyone to make the switch overnight. You start in the schools, teaching the kids the right way from the start, so it will be 15-20 years before the metric system is fully in place. And then no one will even suggest going back. I shouldn’t even have to write this post. The conversion is on! From now on, I will be using the metric myself, and the rest of you had better start learning it.

I don’t need to specify this, but we will only use the metric units for distance, mass, and temperature (and their derivatives, power, energy, force, area, speed, etc.) I created a system of metric time back in High School, and it would work, but I’m not going to push that, yet. I also created a metric calendar. I know a year doesn’t divide up in multiples of ten. That’s why there would be three 100 day years, winter/spring, summer, and fall/winter, with 65 Nil Days, days that do not officially exist. Nil Days would be mixed in throughout the year and since the day doesn’t actually exist, no work would be possible on that day. It would be a day to take a break, relax, have fun. Do all the things that you never seem to have the time to do. And you still wouldn’t, because the time isn’t officially there.


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