The Dark Horse is Up and Running

Well, it’s a new year. Really, it’s just an abstract date, but a lot of people see it as a chance to start anew. I just lost my entire blog I had been writing, so I’ve got no choice. I don’t want to lose this again, so I’ve started publishing it to the Web. Besides, I’ve been told that’s where blogs are supposed to be written. It should be safe there, as long as the entire Internet doesn’t suddenly die on me. If that happens, I really will not be happy. But some good did come out of all this. My blog is now actually online. So it’s bigger and better... well at least it’s online. And it’s an actual blog now. All the old posts will be up soon, so go back and read them, comment on them as if they were new.

I have to give props to blogger.com. I have no campaign finances, so finding a site that would publish my blog without expecting me to pay them was important. The first thing I had to do was pick a name. Luckily, Dorshorst08 was not already taken. It’s a good thing, too, because if there was another Dorshorst also running for President in 2008, it might be a little confusing. I wanted a theme to the layout of the blog, so I went with Dark Horse. Because I’m a long shot. Because I’m a little dark. Because I’m- no, I wasn’t thinking that when I went with horse. Plus, it sounds like Dorshorst. So it works on a few different levels.

Anyway, the blog is online now, so anyone can read it. Anybody in the country who is looking for a Presidential candidate they could actually support can go online, right now, and read this blog. Anyone with any interest at all. Well, the blog will be here, if anyone ever wants to read it. Ahh, you people are all idiots, anyway. I don’t want you to read my blog. Somebody please read this.


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