Undersecretary Screech Powers?

I’m sorry Mama. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry, but tonight, I’m cleaning out my cabinet.

From what I gather, the President does what he wants with the Cabinet. He decides who is in it and what they all do. First up, I will remove the Department of Homeland Security. Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t securing the homeland, or defending the country, the job of the Department of Defense? Why can’t there be just one department, say, the Department of Defense, and have it concentrate on the defense of the country. And just to clarify, that does not involve invading other countries. If I really feel like starting some wars, I will bring back the War Department. As for State, Labor, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Education, and the Interior, they can all stay, for now. I may add a Department of Communication. I think that area, with wireless phones and the Internet and everything, will become a pretty important field. And I will appoint Zach Morris to head the newly created Department of Partying Down!


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