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Well, it’s near the end of college football Bowl Week. Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Penn State all played well and won their bowls, which unfortunately were only consolation bowls. If only there were a way for the top four teams to play for the National Championship. Did someone say add a playoff game? Who would think of such a preposterous thing? Heck, the BCS is already going to add an extra bowl game for the National Championship. Why not just go ahead and do it the right way? Having 1 play 4 and 2 play 3, and having the two winners play in a National Championship Game would seem to make the BCS system fairer. Now, I know the federal government has no say in how the NCAA or the BCS want to run their programs. But damn it, I’m the President! They will listen to me! I’m trying to fix their mess.

By the way, in tomorrow’s game between 1 USC and 2 Texas, you know who I’m picking to win. Let’s compare the two teams. USC: The favorite, the incumbent champions, the team with two Heisman winners. Texas: The underdog, the player snubbed by the Heisman voters. It’s not just that I usually root for the underdog, who is often playing to try to prove something. It’s not just that the reigning champ, or incumbent, is often overrated, glorified before they do anything by everyone, who then uses the hype as justification for further hyping. No, I’m picking Texas to win because I know they will win. You don’t realize how good Vince Young is yet, but you will.

By the way, I’m well aware how dubious this prediction might seem. There is nothing to stop me from changing this post after the game. I’m reading 1984, I know how to do it. But I don’t need to do that, because I’m usually right. And not because I make vague statements that I can later interpret how I want. I make specific predictions that play out how I saw they would. For example: Indianapolis will not lose in the playoffs to New England, but they will lose the Superbowl, to da Bears. Did someone say Superbowl Shuffle ’06?


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