Well, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon had a stroke yesterday. The leader of a country becoming incapacitated like this is never good. It does make a point for me, though. A 70 year old man having a stroke is not unusual. That’s what old people do, they die. Dust in the wind. Old people should not be elected to public office. They should be out playing shuffleboard and riding dune buggies, having fun. They don’t need all that stress. And we don’t need a senile old man running the country. Memory, hearing, health, and bladder control aren’t necessary to run the country, but they are nice to have.

I understand that age brings experience, wisdom. But when you’ve seen everything, and know what works, you have no reason to try new things. You become set in your ways and resistant to change. Youthful idealism is only unpractical if you’ve lost hope that things can be changed for the better. Besides, wouldn’t you want someone young, strong, and virile, like me, instead of some old coot, like Strom Thurmond, who actually died of old age while still in office? Now I’m not saying every position of power should be filled based on youth. That would be stupid. Most young people are idiots who aren’t capable of handling any responsibility. I’m the exception, but then you already knew that.


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