Don’t be a dict, addicted to crude

So Bush did say one somewhat interesting thing that I missed. Fortunately I’ve heard it repeated over and over and over again. We are addicted to oil. We need to beat our addiction with technology. Let me just say, “What in the hell?” As an alleged former addict, he doesn’t know much about addiction. As a future alleged addict, this is what I thought you have to do. First thing you have to stop sleeping with your dealer. That’s always a good step. But you can’t go and create your own supply. You have to stop using. Sometimes you have to find a lesser drug, like methadone, or ethanol, to step down to. But that’s not a solution. You will have to give that up too.

I don’t like to use the term addiction, though. Dependence is a little better. Weak people use certain things as a crutch to rely on when they can’t deal with their problems. Heroin, nicotine, phonics, these may be real addictions. I can’t really say, having never tried them. Gambling, sex, pornography, alcohol, oil, food, these are dependencies. No one needs to completely give them up. We have to learn that whatever it is, we don’t need to rely on it all of the time. We need to learn moderation. Or we can just invade the rest of OPEC. Whatever gives us our gratification the quickest.


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