Attack of the Clones

I found a comment on this blog posted yesterday which was written by someone claiming to be Stephen Dorshorst. I sat there for a minute, like Homer Simpson after finding the Mr. Sparkle box in the dump. I know I didn’t write it. But there was my name on the bottom. Stephen Dorshorst. Apparently I have another me living in Tulsa.

In High School, I was voted Most Likely to be Cloned. When I found out, I wanted to know how everyone found out my plan. The plan being to clone an army of myselves. But I suppose anyone creating a clone army would naturally choose me as a seed. Clearly my classmates could see that.

So I am .2% on my way towards my goal. 1000 Stephen Dorshorst, all ready to do my bidding. Because I would be them too. So their bidding would be the same as mine. Sort of a collective mind. Oh, what I could do with 1000 of me. And this first other me is a master of Tae Kwon Do. So we have the scientist and the martial arts expert. All we need are a sniper school instructor, an underwater demolitions expert, a long distance intel specialist, and a few others, and Alpha Team is ready to rock!


Anonymous Stephen Dorshorst said...

Hello me. It is I,or me,again. It is highly probable that we are related,for real,other than being cloned. That would be pretty cool,being cloned,I mean. Like the movie with Michael Keaton and Andy McDowell. One of Keaton's clones was called Steve. Anyway, I am assuming that you are in your 20s, so it could be that your great-grandfather was brother to my grandfather. My father's name was Anton Theodore and his father's name was Anton Wilhem. They are both deceased so there is no one to ask about the name of my grandfather's brother who settled in your area of Wisconsin. I was born in 1952 in the upper peninsula of Michigan and our family moved around the country quite a bit. I ended up settling in the midwest where I graduated from college. Good luck with your election. Stephen D.

27/6/06 15:11  
Blogger reynaldo10 said...

Are you sure you're not clones? Cuz if you are, the world could use a few more stephen dorshorsts.

27/6/06 21:38  
Blogger Masnor said...

I've known the Tulsa Stephen Dorshorst for a little over 10 years. I was almost as surprised as you were to find "another".

14/3/07 15:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually there are two Stephen Dorshorsts in Tulsa, father and son. So that makes three of you.

29/6/07 18:54  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

The clones are now cloning themselves? I thought the Tulsa clone said he had seen Multiplicity. Doesn't he understand that the errors will increase exponentially?

Unless he is the original, which would make me... No! I will not accept that. I am not the man in the box!

17/10/07 21:59  
Anonymous dorshorst (stephen dorian) said...

Yeah, well I am a stephen dorshorst from Tulsa, and my father is another stephen dorshorst from tulsa, and I think that the very suggestion that you were cloned to us is absolutely retarded. We are original, and if there was any clone, it would be you.

3/12/07 15:23  
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