So the madness is about to end. UCLA plays Florida tonight. And I know you all want to know who is going to win. But it doesn’t really matter. Because I’ve already won. Having Florida and LSU in the Final Four and Florida in the championship meant I got enough points to win my pool. So pay up, Mitch. I believe the wager was 1 dollar. And that had better be in cash. Uncle Sam doesn’t need to know about it. I will say this. Joakim Noah is way too ugly to be a champion. And that probably means he will win.

I do have to give props to George Mason. Big fan of the Bill of Rights. And I guess the basketball team did all right too. If I didn’t need Florida to win, GMU could have made the championship game.

It was a good tournament this year. Lot’s of upsets. A few dark horses making deep runs. Key players stepping up when it mattered. And it’s like that every year. It just shows that they’ve got a good system for finding a winner. So I was thinking. Could we adapt that to the Presidential elections?

You have a number of regional tournaments with the winners getting automatic bids. The rest of the candidates are chosen at large, based on their name recognition, past accomplishments, and of course, RPI. All the candidates are seeded. And then we let the madness unfold. For each round, everyone gets to vote for each match up, with the winners advancing, and the losers going home. Call me crazy, but the more I think about this, the better the idea seems.


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