It’s Tuesday, so it’s Hodgepodge Tuesday!

I realize I never posted here that Carolina would win the Stanley Cup, but I did say they would, back on June 1st, before they were even in the finals. Of course, now that it’s officially Hurricane season, it should have been obvious to everyone. Yes, Carolina is not a Hockey state. But would you rather let Canada win it?

I just finished my first lecture of Improving the Electoral Process. Three things were clear.
1. Our system is pretty well screwed up.
2. It’s amazing that we don’t have armed uprisings after every election. The reason we don’t is because
3. The American people are mostly stupid and/or they just don’t care.
Also, the professor made it clear that he hates a three-party system, and he hates the term Neutral. Suck it, Professor Kenneth R. Mayer. I hope your plane back from Australia crashes.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins have used stem cells to actually regenerate neurons in spinal cords in rats. So everyone who has said that stem cells won’t actually help that much, just shut up. I don’t think we should be killing embryos. But an embryo that is dead does not need its stem cells anymore. Just as I don’t mind if someone uses my heart or liver after (if) I die, I don’t think an embryo should mind once it is dead if someone uses its stem cells to help someone with a spinal cord injury or with Lou Gehrig’s.

Dwade, I like you, I want you to keep playing well, but your team wasn’t supposed to win. I already congratulated the Mavericks, and I can’t take that back. Dwade, you’re on notice. And take off those thigh pads and play like a man.

And to everyone who goes on MySpace to make friends, you are a loser. To everyone who arranges to meet someone they met on MySpace, you are an idiot.


Anonymous Stephen Dorshorst said...

Truth stranger than fiction; my name is Stephen Dorshorst and I live in Tulsa, OK. I am the 2nd son of Anton Dorshorst,deceased, of St. Louis, MO. A martial arts friend of mine sent me your blog site,obviously because of the same name,but also because I jokingly used the title Darkhorse when I was an elite fighter vying for a spot on the US Olympic Taekwondo team some years ago. I first ran across your name as a student at UofW,Madison when I googled my, correction,our names. I am,like you according to your profile, a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus. I am a retired school teacher and am currently working as an independent contractor for a national sports body of the US Olympic Comm. out of Colorado Springs. I would surmise that we are related,especially since my father told me that his father's brother settled in Wisconsin and that we had many relatives there and many of them in the Madison area. I enjoyed your blog. Stay political and stay in school. Our government needs all the intelligent, well-educated people that it can find in this country!

25/6/06 00:35  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

It seems my campaign has officially gone national. If I had known this blog was being read in Tulsa, I might have done a post about the recent discovery of Zebra Mussels on the Arkansas River below the Zink Dam. On second thought, no I wouldn’t.

27/6/06 13:10  
Anonymous Kenneth R. Mayer said...

"Suck it, Professor Kenneth R. Mayer. I hope your plane back from Australia crashes." Sorry to disappoint you mate, but I arrived safely along with my family. Quesion: do you normally respond with profanity and wishes for a violent death to everyone who doesn't happen to share your views on politics? Charming.

5/9/06 17:03  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

That's good that you got back safe. I did not wish you a violent death. Only that your plane would crash and you would be stranded on an island where you would have to enter a string of numbers into a computer in an underground hatch while "Others" tried to abduct you and the other survivors. That's all. It was a vague reference to the show Lost, and like most of my jokes, was abstract and unprefaced.

As for the mild vulgarity, I felt it was justified. I happen to be attempting to start a centrist third party group which I happen to have named the Neutral Party. My interest in politics was the only reason I took your class this summer. You began the class showing very little regard for third parties and their importance as an alternative option to mainstream politics. And you even said, "I hate to use the term 'Neutral.'" Getting shut down so completely within the first half hour of class, whether you meant it or not, was no less a slap in the face than telling someone to "suck it," and I responded in kind.

In general, I am very understanding of different political viewpoints. That's half the idea behind being Neutral (with a capital N). But I will not hesitate to stand in opposition to something I think is wrong. I'm an extreme moderate. I think much of what is wrong with American politics is that the moderates, who are the majority of people, are not vocal enough, and are not present in the political discourse. That's why I started my blog.

Since you've apparently read a bit of it, I'd be happy to know what you think of it. I am also curious how you happened across the site.

5/9/06 17:05  

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