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They’ve been saying that the field is full of talent, that you can’t write off any horse. I will write off half of them. There won’t be another Giacomo this year. This is not the year for a dark horse to pull the win. Not yet. Keyed Entry, Showing Up, Sharp Humor, Private Vow, Bluegrass Cat, Deputy Glitters, Seaside Retreat, Cause to Believe, Storm Treasure, and Flashy Bull won’t win. Sweetnorthernsaint, the only gelding, doesn’t have the balls to win. Jazil, Steppenwolfer, AP Warrior, have a chance to close late, but probably won’t. Point Determined, Bob and John have a chance. Lawyer Ron has a poor starting positions, and could lose early. Brother Derek was an early favorite, but people are realizing things from California tend to be overrated. Besides, though I don’t hate all paraplegics, but if Trainer Hedricks’ position was reversed, he’d be dog food. Barbaro is not the favorite, but he hasn’t raced in a while, and won’t have the start he needs to win. That leaves Sinister Minister. He doesn’t hold back and will be going for broke from the start. My kind of horse. The only problem I have is that his odds jumped from 12-1 to 8-1.

Sinister Minister to win, Barbaro to place, and Steppenwolfer to show. But what do I know? I despise the entire sport.

One final note. I no longer wish to eat at any Yum! Restaurant.


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