Oh, it's on now!

Apparently, a certain junior senator (D) from Wisconsin read one of my earlier posts attacking his maverick status and decided he would one-up me. On March 13th, he introduced a resolution in the Senate calling for a censure of President Bush, because of the President’s use of illegal wiretaps. Now I don’t have a problem with that. The wiretaps were illegal. Note the lack of the word alleged. Bush does not get to reinterpret laws however he wants. What I have a problem with is Feingold’s need to try to one-better me. What’s a matter Russ, Mr. “Maverick,” Mr. “Underdog,” did you feel threatened? Trust me; you don’t want to get into a crazy-off with me. That’s one battle I will not let you win. So I suggest you just back off now, Russ. But if you want a fight, bring it. I will out-crazy you any day of the week, and twice on alternating weekends. For example: see next post.


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