9-11 Redux Part 2

President Bush, on the other hand, said exactly what you should have expected him to say. I guess he should feel a little responsible, having been in charge of things when it all went down. I suppose guilt would explain why he gets so defensive about everything. And those who feel powerless may try to obtain power over others. He’s certainly been doing a lot of that.

Bush’s speech was not meant to comfort those who had lost loved ones. It was not meant to reassure the nation that this type of attack won’t happen again. It was meant to do the opposite. It was meant to instill hatred and fear. Because that makes us easier to control.

Feingold was wrong to object to the use of the phrase “Islamic Fascists.” You see, in a war, if you humanize the enemy, it makes it harder to justify killing them all. You need to think of them as you would a rabid dog. And it helps to come up with some sort of derogatory name like Japs or Gooks.

“Kill all the Islamofascists!” has a nice ring to it. Almost as nice as “Death to the Infidels!”


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