Killer B

Floyd Landis may not be the hero he was thought to be. I realize everyone else has already been talking about this for the last two weeks, but I thought I’d wait. I don’t like to judge anyone until all the evidence is in. And the B sample just came back, and it confirmed what we already knew. The result? 11-1 testosterone-epitestosterone levels. And synthetic testosterone.

It’s time to give it up, Floyd. No more excuses. It wasn’t the cortisone shots. It wasn’t the whiskey. It wasn’t dehydration. It wasn’t naturally produced. Did I miss any? No, Floyd, it’s time to admit it. You failed the test because you are a cheater.

I think it’s pretty sad when a professional athlete feels he needs to inject himself with testosterone. If you were a real man, you’d have enough testosterone of your own. Heck, even Lance “One Ball” Armstrong still won 6 races in a row. Now that’s a testicle that’s doing its job. Unlike those worthless little bb's clinging to Landis’ crippled hips. So Floyd, I don’t want to hear your name again. You did not win the Tour de France. I don’t even care about the Tour de France, so to know that you cheated to win it makes it all that much more pathetic.


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