Do not eat bagged spinach.

I understand that spinach is very healthy. I ate spinach every other day for a year and never got sick during that time. And if you need to bulk up to protect your girl from a bully, this stuff's better than steroids. But the health benefits of eating spinach do not outweigh the costs of dying of e. coli. Feel free to doublecheck the math on this.

Natural Selectons Foods fresh bagged spiniach has been linked to 94 cases (and counting) of e. coli infection, with 29 of the cases and the only death so far happening in Wisconsin. I had some spanakopita the other day, and it sure went through awfully fast, but that's still nothing compared to having an e. coli infection. So if you have any bagged spinach, and especially if you also live in the great state of Wisconsin, just throw it away.

I would also like to note that it is organic spinach that is infecting people. The media have not been playing up this angle, but I would like to here. In general, I think organic farming is a load of crap (literally too) and I do not support it. It is actually worse for the environment and for consumers in almost every aspect. While I'd like to say that anyone who buys organic spinach deserves to have diarrhea and bloody stools, I don't think anyone should die for being a smug, ignorant bastard.


Blogger Brainy Blonde said...

please elaborate how not using chemicals (which destroy our environment) are somehow worse for it "in every way" I'd love to hear more...

15/9/06 23:40  
Blogger Erik Opsal said...

i agree with blondie there...and also wonder, where did you go for a month?

16/9/06 01:37  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

Where was I?
I had moved on August 14. I then had numerous problems with getting cable and internet set up and activated. I probably don't need to say that I went through Charter.

17/9/06 13:32  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

To explain a bit of the last paragraph:
The phrase "a load of crap" was pun referring to the large amount of manure used in organic farming that is not needed in conventional agriclture.
The phrase "worse...in almost every aspece" was an overstatement, yes. But I still don't think organic farming is better in any way. For more elaboration, see the next post.

18/9/06 08:04  

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