Hodgepodge Tuesday

Tuesday as the universal day of random and disjointed blogging is catching on. (Kudos to Brad, but I will pass on eating my heart.)

Congratulations are due to the UW Women's Hockey team. They followed up last year's National Championship by winning another this year. After beating Notre Dame in 4th Overtimes in the quarterfinals, the Badgers won the next two games 4-0 and 4-1 to take their second straight championship. Admittedly, the female hockey players are nowhere near as good as the men, and women's hockey doesn't have much competition. Still, a championship is a championship.

Under Title IX, I believe I also have to give congratulations to the UW Men's Hockey team. They followed up last year's National Championship by not making the NCAA playoffs this year.

In case anyone was interested, this is what dog food is made of. And if you've never tried eating any, it tastes just like it smells. Delicious!

In a stunning upset, Pakistan was ousted from the Cricket World Cup by Ireland on Saturday. I guess St. Patrick's day was a lucky day for the Irish. Not so for the Pakistanis. The Pakistani coach died the next day.

I continue to hear critics of Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Annette Ziegler's ethics, or lack thereof. Why is no one talking about the other candidate, Linda Clifford, and the allegations that she is a werewolf? Perhaps I have misinterpreted Ziegler's latest campaign TV spot. I couldn't find a link to the commercial, so I'll post this link of Linda Clifford instead.

*The mentioned TV spot can be found here (Hat Tip to Hippie Perspective). Watch the Ziegler: "The Judge" Ad. I am going to leave the original Linda Clifford video link because it is so much better.

Watch this if you've got 12 minutes to waste and hate yourself.


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I tried dog food once. Considering I no know what's in it, I'd say it was very good.

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