Let's start with a video.

Your Iditarod update: Lance Mackey is the first musher to Nikolai. My pick, Buser, is currently in 5th.
Relax, the race will be over before the NCAA tourney starts.

Kenneth Eng, a writer for AsianWeekly, a small newspaper, was fired for his last column, titled "Why I hate Blacks." I understand firing someone for saying that blacks must be a weak-willed race because they allowed themselves to be slaves for hundreds of years. I don't understand why Eng wasn't fired earlier for his previous article in AsianWeekly, "Why I hate Asians."

Chuck Norris, Man of Action!


Blogger Dorshorst said...

And Buser just took the lead.

6/3/07 18:03  
Blogger Ryan Gallentine said...

The best part about that video is that it gets its point across with no mental energy expended by the viewer whatsoever.

7/3/07 02:09  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

Yeah, Chuck Norris is pretty awesome.

7/3/07 11:44  

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