Onset of March Madness

With the Niagara victory over FAMU (which I did pick right), the 2007 NCAA Men's D-I Basketball Tournament has begun.

There is still some time left if you haven't finished filling our your brackets. Some advice: there will only be one 12-5 upset (I've got ODU), but there should be plenty of 10's and 11's making runs. And don't try to pick the next George Mason.

I'll try to post a link to the bracket entries I filled out for ESPN's Tourney Challange, so I have proof later when I say I picked Florida, Kansas, Georgetown, and Ohio State, with Ohio St beating Kansas. I know that's almost a chalk Final Four, but I really don't think that there is any school that's seeded lower than a 2 and isn't from Texas that has a chance.

Think you've got better picks? Comment now for bragging rights later.


Blogger Erik Opsal said...

I've got A&M instead of OSU with Kansas over G'Town.

15/3/07 01:58  

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