Can someone please explain to me what the big deal is about the Ann Coulter fuss, and why I should care? Is it that she said the word "faggot," and she is [presumably] not homosexual? Would it be less offensive if she had merely called Edwards a blatant homosexual? It seems the outrage over using a word that should not be used was the main part of the joke.

I have heard far worse things said about George W. Bush, our actual President. Yet I have not seen anyone calling for everyone on the left to denounce Bill Maher. or Jon Stewart, or Jay Leno, or Rosanne Barr, or... Or am I wrong to think that implying that someone is mentally retarded, or Satan, or a chimp... (assuming that Bush is none of these) is more of an insult than suggesting that they are gay?

Appropriate or not, Coulter was clearly joking. Even if she herself was running for President, I wouldn't consider this important.

I do think the target of the joke, Sen. Edwards, was not chosen well. If I were to suggest that anyone was gay, it would have to be Sen Kucinich. But I'll bet Edwards is very happy he got mentioned. All I've heard for the last month has been Obama-Clinton.

*I find this article to be especially funny now.


Blogger Erik Opsal said...

Perhaps it's a big deal because Coulter only does it to sell more books and completely tarnishes the conservatives who associate with her, which, surprisingly, is everyone.

6/3/07 20:16  
Blogger Ryan Gallentine said...

i was going to write a comment to this but then it turned into a post which i then ran out of time to finish today. Watch for it tomorrow.

7/3/07 02:10  

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