1st Round Recap

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the second round. Really. Even to to the teams that won even though I had picked them to lose. I have no problem with a team winning it's game. The teams that lost, on the other hand (Villanova, George Washington, Texas Tech, Georgia Tech), have a bit of explaining to do. I leave Old Dominion out of my ire because apparently I had confused Butler with the Bucknell Bison. Still, no 12-5 upsets? And only two upsets overall (Winthrop over Notre Dame and VCU over Duke [not even a surprise])? That's the funny thing about odds. Everyone expects the higher seeded team to win in every game, but no one expects the higher seeded teams to win every game.

There were still enough almost-upsets. I'm talking about you, Wisconsin. 18 down to 15 seed Texas A&M Corpus Christy? While I never doubted you, knowing you always play better second halfs, and that your "plodding" style of play wears down opponents, you may not want to spot your future opponents that many points before you decide to start playing.


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