Earlier today, 83 mushers and their teams of sled dogs completed the 11 miles from Anchorage to Eagle River, the ceremonial start to the 2007 Iditarod. The actual start of the race is set for 2 pm Sunday. You probably won't be seeing any mentions on Sportscenter, but standings and news are updated on the official website. This is an odd year, so, as I'm sure you know, the southern trail will be taken.

I'll be rooting for Martin Buser, one of five mushers to win 4 times, and the holder of the record for the fastest winning time. In 6th grade, we had a unit on the Iditarod, and each of us was given a musher to follow. I wound up with Buser (who finished 2nd that year). We had to write letters to our mushers and I got a signed musher collector card back.


Blogger reynaldo10 said...

aren't you special.

7/3/07 23:55  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

I thought that had been previously established.

10/3/07 00:47  

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