Debate III

Getting ready for the last debate. Watching Section 60, HBO's special on the section of Arlington National Cemetery for Iraq and Afghanistan vets. With all the focus having shifted from Iraq to the economy, the show gave me a little different perspective on the relative importance of the issues. Hey, a lot of people just lost some money, some lost their jobs. Oh no for them!

Before we start this, I know I missed the second debate. Pretty much nothing important was said. And people only remember the beginning and ending of things; the first and last debates are the ones that matter. This is the last debate, the last chance McCain make up a now sizable deficit.

And we begin the LIVE BLOG!

Why can't each guy just get a minute or two for an opening statement? They do it anyway during the first question.

McCain: buying back failed mortgages will be his first priority. McCain want a welfare state where people who can't magage their finances get bailed out by everyone else.

Schieffer: Would you like to ask [Obama] a question? McCain: No. I'd rather just attack him and not give him an opening to respond.

Obama: He's been watching some of McCain's ads. Zing! But seriously, I'm only raising taxes on people making lots of money, because the rich are greedy evil bastards.

Why all this referencing to Joe the Plumber? I didn't see him up there with Goldman Sacs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Merril Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. How's he getting all this free publicity?

Won't some spending have to be cut with $750 billion bailing out Wall Street? -
Obama: I will change some spending to other spending.
McCain: I will build the economy. Nuclear Power! Spending freeze! I oppose subsidies for ethanol. Wow. A specific answer. And one I agree with. That came out of nowhere. I was not expecting that this early.

McCain: "If you want to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago." The line of the night. Perfectly played, Senator.

Obama goes back to tying McCain to Bush. You can't do that now. McCain shut that down. You've got to adjust, find a new talking point.

Schieffer: Are either of you man enough to own up to your attack adds and repeat your claims to your candidate's face? Good question.

McCain: Gets defensive, demands apology.

Obama: I also am a coward.

McCain: Brings up Ayers. And ACORN. Really doesn't score any points with it.

Schieffer: Give some ups for your running mate.

Obama: By the way, Biden is pretty blue collar.

McCain: Defending Palin. Straight face so far. She's a maverick. And she has a retard baby.

Schieffer: How much will you reduce foreign oil. Give a specific number.

McCain: We can reduce buying oil from Venezuela by spending more on Canadian oil.

Obama: I also will not answer the question.

Schieffer: Health Care!

Obama: Let people buy into same health care plan as federal employees.

McCain: Follow example of the Veterens' Hospital. He lost me there.

Obama's plan sounds like it would work fine. It might be expensive to taxpayers, but it would work.

McCain: Obama and those Democrats in Congress! (preview of next post)

Schieffer: Nominate judges supporting Roe v. Wade?

McCain: I'd rather not answer. Interesting.

Obama: I will uphold Roe V. Wade.

McCain: I don't know how you vote 'present' on a bill regarding abortion. I usually just am not present.

Schieffer: US Education sucks. Discuss.

Obama: Early childhood is important because our parents are horrible. $4000 credit for service. Sounds good.

McCain: Public schools suck. Let's stop funding them.

Closing Statements!

McCain: I am a Mavrik! You can trust me. I've served my country my entire life. I've never held a real job.

Obama: Bush sucks. McCain is old.

Tom Brokow: The real winner tonight: Joe Wurzelbacher, Plumber, of Toledo Ohio. Let's give him another mention.

Coming up on NBC: people who should have been the VP nominees, Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

Romney: I may seem to be in denial, but I really am just a tool of my party.

Clinton: I think Obama will actually win so I'd better support him.

Fact Check: McCain has only aired 70% negative ads. Focused primarily on swing states.

The real loser: Every network, for buying into the false assumption that Obama and McCain are the only possible choices. Heck, I can't even constitutionally be President, but technically I am still a choice.


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