We had some snow in Madison today. Maybe 10 inches. Most of the streets on this part of the downtown isthmus are on hills, and the snow and the ice under it made driving up these hills very difficult on some streets, impossible on others. This is not news to anyone, I know.

This afternoon, I saw two cars struggling to get out. I knew I'd feel a little guilty watching and not helping (on Ash Wednesday, no less), so I went out with my roommate and we shoveled him out and pushed him up the hill. Then we pushed the car next to him. Then we started walking back in and saw another car driving up the street in front of our apartment get stuck halfway up. So we pushed him up. Then we dug out and pushed another parked car. Then we pushed a van up the hill. Then we pushed another car. Then we pushed an SUV. Then we hurried inside before another car got stuck.

So after all that, the following seems like a waste.

A police car, stuck in the same spot the two of us had just pushed seven cars through. A second unit there to help. So, do the extra officers get out and push the stuck cruiser?

Not when they can call two tow trucks to do it for them.

Your taxpayer money at work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure of where to post this...but as you well know, the Wisconsin primaries are in a few days. Any thoughts?

12/2/08 22:50  

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