Debate I

300 is more than 18. Point to Obama

McCain supports nuclear power. The first thing I support him on.

Obama finally brings out President Bush and McCain's support. He could probably just repeat Bush Bush Bush Bush for the rest of the debate and win easily.

McCain is not Miss Congeniality. Good thing he said that again, I almost confused him with Sandra Bullock.

McCain pumping strategy. I think his strategy is to push his military knowledge. He just said we have already won the war in Iraq. Good news, I guess we're done then.

McCain just referred to himself as a maverick. McCain is not a maverick.

Obama too chicken to take a stand on defunding the war.

McCain likes war and/or nation building.

Obama makes ref. to Green Bay. He likes us!

McCain proposes League of Democracies. While it sounds laughable, it is a great idea I hoped to implement myself. We all know the UN is useless.

McCain having a hard time pronouncing Ahmadinejad. Really doesn't matter, it's a hard name to say. Obama got it though. By the way, I can say it too. Ahmadinejad.

McCain: Iraq is all that matters. Obama: Other things matter. McCain: That is the difference between us and why you should vote for me.

McCain dispensing with the allusions and flat out calls Obama inexperienced. McCain is no fan of subtly.

McCain wrong about Kennedy in hospital. Oh snap!

Watching NBC discussion:
Brokow says I am the most important viewer. Thank you Tom, but I already knew that.

Biden will discuss the debate. Giuliani will stand in for Palin. Why didn't McCain choose someone he wasn't embarrassed to bring out in public?

Were Biden not an old white man, he would have been a good presidential candidate. Giuliani, well, he is an asshole.

Milwaukee is up 5-1. I know what I should have been watching.

Brewers win! And for the debate? Both made their arguments, neither really scored any points. Well, Giuliani loses, McCain loses. Though this was all part of The Plan for the Republicans.


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