Showdown Brewing

This is an open letter to the Chicago Cubs:

We all know you've clinched your spot in the playoffs. These last three games against Milwaukee don't mean anything. Some clubs might decide they aren't going to worry about the series, and let their starters rest up for the playoffs. However, I suspect that you might like to keep your momentum and beat your division rivals one last time.

But, if you beat the Brewers, what does that prove? It proves what we already knew, you have played very well against the Brewers this year. I'm sure you'd rather face them than the Mets, right? If only you could get to play Milwaukee in the playoffs... If only there was a way you could help get the Brewers into the playoffs...

If the Brewers are better than you, then they will beat you whether you try or not. If you don't want to face them, then you have to beat them, proving you are capable of beating them in the playoffs. There's really only once choice if you think about it as hard as I have.


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