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The 2008 Wisconsin Primary Election takes place Tuesday. If you didn't know that, you really shouldn't be voting. [Where to vote] [What you need to vote]

*UPDATE: I was voter 470 at my polling location at 12:00 today. I voted for McDonell for County Board and wrote in CONDORCET for Presidential Nominee.*

Since I do not belong to or support any existing political party, I plan to vote a blank ballot. I suppose I could vote to support an individual, but the cons of each outweigh the pros. While there are some I dislike more than others, I refuse to vote 'strategically', to vote 'against' someone. You all are free to try to convince me otherwise. These are the choices.

Clinton. Probably wouldn't be bad. She's got the experience. Her Presidency would be a continuation of Bill's. And that is the problem. Out of 300 some million people in America, what are the odds that the one person best suited to be President just happened to have been married to a former President? Do we really need to follow Bush Clinton Bush with another Clinton? And her attempt to get the FL and MI delegates to count is inexcusable. Oh, and then there is this. Don't bother calling me sexist here. To be honest, I hadn't even noticed that she is a woman.

Obama. Full of hope. For the future. He never voted to give Bush the power to go to war. And he has a cool will.i.am music video. What's not to like? Nothing, I have no dislikes. My problem with Obama is that there is just too little for me to actually like. Yes, he is an inspiring speaker to most people. But I don't get inspired by abstract ideas, I want concrete proposals. I know he is just playing the game, saying what he needs to to get support, not saying anything that could lose support. And that is why he does not have my support.

McCain. In many ways, he is the anti-Obama. McCain doesn't talk about hope. He talks of war. He gives details which often make very bad soundbites. And I like that about him enough to forgive him his old fogey moments. Sure there is the john.he.is video, but there is also this one. If this were 2000 again, I would vote for McCain. Unfortunately since then, he has been trying to win over the Republicans who chose Bush over him. He has reversed on his criticism of the religious right. And the man who was held a POW in Vietnam has [edit] supported *not opposed* American use of torture *as strongly as I'd expect*.

Huckabee. First off, I want to disclose that I have disliked Huckabee ever since he blew off my question I asked him early in the election. Clearly, the existential themes of I Heart Huckabees went over his head. I will not vote someone for the most important job in the world if he is incapable of understanding that it is actually meainingless. Sure, he's got the support of Chuck Norris, and Chuck Norris doesn't endorse, he tells America how it's gonna be. But if he hadn't lost my vote already, he would have with this comment last week. He was saying that even though most have assumed McCain is going to win, he is still going to keep fighting. And I respect that. Then he said, "I didn't major in Math, I majored in Miracles." As if that were a good thing. If you want my vote you had best not speak ill of the Mathematics. Also there is this and this and this.

Oh, and Gravel and Paul are still running. You know, the only candidates left who actually oppose the war in Iraq? The most socially liberal candidates of each party? Probably one of which is most inline with your views. They won't win so don't bother voting for either one of them.


Blogger Brad V said...

Agree on Obama's drawbacks.

Don't think Clinton has the experience she constantly claims.

Fun take on Huckabee.

On McCain, though, I disagree on the torture accusation, and I've replied to your comment at LIB rather extensively - and may even do a post in my strange "somehow I've become an apologist for John McCain almost against my will, but it's really because everyone keeps looking at items for debate in a vacuum" series as a followup.

18/2/08 11:31  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

McCain section has been edited. I'm not accusing McCain, just disappointed. I have replied to your reply at LIB.

18/2/08 14:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say, I completely agree with your thoughts on McCain. Who would be your top picks of each party? And btw, I heart the Huckabees was a horrible movie.

20/2/08 20:41  

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