Madison Blogger Roundup 2.0

The much awaited Madison Blogger Roundup 2.0 took place tonight. We met at the Terrace, and later moved inside to the Rathskeller where the Roundup changed to more of a rectangle. It was a good opportunity to talk with fellow bloggers, many whom I had never actually met in person. Who says bloggers are anti-social? The topics spanned a wide range, gay rights, the Republican debate, Iraq, Sol Grosskopf, the Dalai Lama (big hitter, the Lama), Mifflin St, dollar coins... I did feel a bit left out by all the College Republicans gossip, which only remound me how low the College Neutrals numbers are. Attending were Brad, Steve, and Mike from LIB, Mark from OotM, Erik from HP, Mike from DFfF, Ryan from MpG, Mark from PI, Hastings from the Post, and Shane from D101 (Why did I choose a name that abbreviates VD?). And there was even a female present. A heartfelt huzzah for those who came, as your presence was appreciated. And to those who did not, SHAME!!!. How can we show that we are better than our Milwaukeean brethren if our higher profile bloggers do not show their solidarity?

Brad now has a recap and pictures up. Erik gives his take and a video on shoes on his site. Mike talks about cows.

I do regret that I did not cover a round tonight. I hope I can make up for this faux pas if we get together next month by bringing a 7lb can of beans for each person who wants to try eating one. Althouse, I know you can't resist the aggregate goodness of 7 pounds (26 servings) of baked beans.

*Added: this was a great observation from Hastings:
"Anyway, observing the underage flight from police--bookended as it was by various remarks re: civil liberties and invasions of privacy WRT to textbook sales, Stalinist cops, etc.--made my evening."


Blogger Critical Badger said...

really wish I could have made it!

7/5/07 00:00  

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