Fallout from Imus-gate

Don Imus is irrelevant. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are terrorists.

I recently posted a link to an article by Jason Whitlock about the Don Imus fiasco. Here he is calling out Jackson and Sharpton.

Ht to The Big Lead via Digg.

Yes, I wish I could go on these types of rants myself without coming across as racist. Yes, I am just propping up Whitlock as my little black puppet. Yes, he looks like a giant sea monster. But while I thought Whitlock was bad on PTI and I cannot agree with his support of Jeff George, I think he is speaking the truth here.


Blogger Erik Opsal said...

He supported Jeff George? In what?

14/4/07 18:38  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

Whitlock blocked for George in High School, so he tends to defend George and probably thinks he should still be a starting QB.

14/4/07 19:15  
Blogger Erik Opsal said...

Oh yeah, now I remember.

15/4/07 12:02  
Blogger Dorshorst said...

I rarely expect anyone to know half of the things I refer to in these posts. For example: the reference to the play the Iceman Cometh at the end of the post the I-man Goeth.

15/4/07 21:25  

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