It's Less Hard out here for a Chimp

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

A new study claims that chimpanzees and humans split from a common ancestor only 4 million years ago. As the article makes very clear, this is "a much shorter time than current estimates of 5 million to 7 million years ago." Because 4 is less than 5.

Face it folks, your grandfather may not have been an ape, as you so like to point out, but they were closer than you think. And now, other researchers have reported that chimps in the West African savanna have learned to make and use spears for hunting. Next thing you know, they'll start watching NASCAR. Another few million years after that, and they will likely have evolved to where most of us humans are today. It would be just like on that one planet, the one with all the apes, except that this time, it would be Earth.


Blogger Ryan Gallentine said...

Does watching professional wrestling come before or after NASCAR on your evolutionary timetable?

25/2/07 22:31  

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