Last week, the AP voted WI #1 in men's college basketball, and the coaches voted us #2. This led to a bit of celebratory boasting around the state. I held off here, knowing that the next two games would be at Michigan State, and at Ohio State. If we won those, there would have been reason to celebrate. But until then, we hadn't done anything worth this.

I did not know if they would win at Michigan State against a team that needed to win. They lost last Tuesday. I thought Wisconsin might learn from that game and bounce back. I really wanted to write a post guaranteeing a win at Ohio State. But I couldn't. They lost again yesterday at Ohio State.

The Badgers will be out of the top four, but still in the top seven when the polls come out tomorrow. They are a lock for a two seed. Their best road wins have been against unranked Georgia and a Marquette team that has shown a huge inconsistency over the season. Wisconsin will still be a popular pick (and one of mine) to make the Final Four, but they will have to show that they can win away from the Kohl Center.


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