"He looks hurt..."

In case any of you haven't gotten enough of seeing Shaun Livingston dislocate his knee, Brian Butch dislocate his elbow, or John Terry get kicked unconscious, Sports Illustrated compiled a list of the 10 most gruesome/bizarre sports injuries. And conveniently, they include links to YouTube videos for all of them. Links to other injuries, some even more gruesome, are given in the comment section there.

I have to emphasize their warning: Most of these are nasty. They will make your stomach turn. So if you're eating a meal, be careful. But I am putting the link up here because I watched them all and now I want others to share in my discomfort. I can not recommend watching the clips. But I know you are curious and you are going to.

*Then read this article to find out why you just watched those clips.


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