In case you didn't watch Saturday Night Live last week (and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, the show hasn't been worth watching for a while now), there was a good sketch with host Peyton Manning.

The YouTube Awards have been announced. All winners are shown here. Of particular note is the best series award which went to 'Ask a Ninja,' beating out Madison made 'Chad Vader'. I'd like to note that 'Ask a Pirate' was not anywhere near being considered.

Astronomers have spotted a hexagonal cloud formation on Saturn. If they really wanted to photograph something strange, they should aim a camera at Myanus. Wait, I think I said that joke wrong.

In an update from last week's Hodgepodge Tuesday, the death of the Pakistan cricket team's coach has been ruled a murder. "Speculation within cricket over the killing has focused on everyone from crazed fans to a gambling mafia and disgruntled Pakistani team members."

In another update from another post from last week, a person has now gotten sick from eating tainted pet food. "in Canada, a woman tried to coax her dog who wasn't eating by eating a bit of its pet food herself. She became violently ill and is now awaiting tests to see if it was related to the food." Ordinarily I would make some comment about Canadians, but I really hope that this is just an isolated incident.


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