...More Cows

I can't think of a better way to end the Cows on the Concourse event than the "Running of the Cows" idea that came up during the last Madison Blogger Roundup. With a little planning, this could be a pretty good event.

Imagine, Saturday evening. Crowds lining State St. watching cows amble down it. Daring individuals could risk unlikely injury by walking in front of the docile beasts. We could put numbers on the cows, so individuals could make friendly wagers on which cow would make it to the end first, and everyone could cheer on their favorites.

Now to the name. This shouldn't be just a Pamplona knock off. Let's come up with a better name than "Running of the Cows" to 'brand' this event. My submission: Mad Cow Stampede. (My brother rarely comes up with ideas that are any good, but he gets some credit for this).


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