False Idols

The American Idol finale is finally upon us. Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis will perform tonight and the finale results will be announced tomorrow. If you want a fawning review by someone who has bought in to the whole American Idol crap, go check out Althouse.
There will be none of that here.

American Idol is helping to destroy music. It is a summation of all that is wrong with popular music. It is the paradigm of style over substance.

Those who make music can be divided into two groups: performers, and those who actually create the music, the composers, the songwriters. Music today only focuses on the performers, and mostly on how they look on stage or in a music video. Unfortunately, music is entirely auditory. Sure, Fergie might be nice to look at, but hearing "My Humps" on the radio makes my soul retract. The market is oversaturated with singers who got record deals because of their attractiveness, who put out garbage which gets put on the radio by industry execs who know that the average listener has no taste and will buy whatever they are told is popular.

Oh, the irony of people who can not judge music for themselves voting on which singer is better.

Singers (do not call them artists) are overrated. If someone reads prose really well, the credit goes to the author of the prose. If the prose was bad, then the reader is just ignored. Music should be no different. No one knows, or cares, who first performed Wagner's Ring Cycle, or Shakespeare's King Lear. The works are remembered because of their merits, as are the men who created them. So I take some comfort in knowing that whoever wins (and her name will not rhyme with Blake), they will be forgotten.


Blogger Brad V said...

I'm going to read this as your cry for help, you closet Sanjaya fan!

Wagner's Ring Cycle - phaw! A clever red herring of a ruse.

22/5/07 21:30  

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