Reemergence of the Brood

Unfortunately, this post is not about StarCraft II. There is no release date yet for that game, though I've been waiting a long time and the demo clips on Youtube have gotten me a little excited.

Billions of cicadas are about to hatch in Midwest
. Brood XII, which has spent the last 17 years underground, is expected across northern Illinois, and in parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.

Exactly when the cicadas will emerge is a subject of debate, although there is agreement they emerge once the soil temperature is consistently 64 to 65 degrees for several days. Biologists and insect experts predict the cicadas will emerge between Tuesday and June 1.

They are periodical cicadas, which are only found in the eastern half of North America. The annual, or dog-day cicadas, that appear every summer are common around the world.

A single male's shrill courtship call can reach 90 decibels, equivalent to a kitchen blender.

Fortunately, cicadas only live about 30 days, but this still might end up being a long, long month.


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