Roland Martin asks "What would Jesus Really Do?" The points raised in this article will be discussed tonight at 7 pm CST on CNN. His basic point is that Christians (specifically the religious right) are too focused on abortion and homosexuality and that Christianity should be more focused on issues like poverty, homelessness, divorce, global warming.

"As we celebrate Holy Week, our focus is on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But aren't we also to recommit ourselves to live more like Jesus? Did Jesus spend his time focusing on all that he didn't like, or did Jesus raise the consciousness of the people to understand love, compassion and teach them about following the will of God?"

I thought this weeks South Park episode explored this idea nicely (specifically William Donohue, of the Catholic League, although it was a bit over the top, as usual. I definitely recommend watching it. Viacom, which owns Comedy Central has been pretty effective at keeping South Park clips off YouTube, but this link to the end of the show should still work. Clips also available on Comedy Central's site.

I'm going to make an extra effort with this to give all sides on these issues, so here is Donohue's response.

“I have no idea why ‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker caricature me as a heartless thug. In any event, I stand convicted and have no defense. Now I have to get back to business—I hear someone just took some liberties with the Easter Bunny.”


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"Look at the hat, it makes no sense. Unless it was designed for a rabbit."

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