Wednesday Hodgepodge Tuesday

MSNBC asks "Will science render men unnecessary?" As usual, they completely ignore my warnings. Apparently Brian Alexander is incapable of basic statistics.

Researchers are planning an expedition next month to the UP to search for Bigfoot. As someone who has done extensive research on the subject, I suspect the Department of Homeland Security will suppress any evidence they find.

The Supreme Court recently issued their rulings on the Bong Hits 4 Jesus case and the Wisconsin Right to Life case. Before I get into the White House, I'd like to know, is court-packing still considered a bad thing?

And now, some actually useful links. More than you probably need. TIME's 25 websites they can't live without. MSN's 100 blogs they love and 25 Web Sites to Watch. Sadly, both fail the "link to me" test, but you're already here, so I clearly don't need them.


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