A Milwaukee Throwback

Barry Bonds currently has 751 career home runs. He needs four more to tie Hank Aaron's all time record. If you look at the schedule, guys, it is conceivable that 756 could happen during the stretch of road games at Chicago and at Milwaukee this week (although I predict a cold streak after 753, until he suddenly gets hot in August).

I'm sure the Giants organization would prefer to see Bonds break the record at home in AT&T Park. In fact, when Aaron was about to break Ruth's record in 1974, the Braves pulled him from the lineup after he hit the record tying shot on opening day in Cincinnati, trying to guarantee the record would be set in Atlanta. (Commissioner Bowie Kuhn ordered the team to play Aaron in the series finale against the Reds and Aaron did not homer.) But Bonds might actually want to break Aaron's record in Milwaukee. Milwaukee had been the hometown for Aaron, who has said he will not be on hand when Bonds hits 755, and, more importantly, is the home of MLB commissioner Bud Selig, who has also refused to show any support to Bonds. It would be a great opportunity to stick it to Selig.

The Cap Times asked, what if Bonds breaks the record at Milwaukee? Or anywhere on the road, for that matter. There would have to be some sort of obligatory celebration. And whoever was lucky enough to catch the ball would be very happy at the chance to sell it. But... How awesome would it be to catch Bond's record breaking home run ball... and throw it back. If somebody had the balls to do that, it could be the greatest moment in the history of sports. So here is my suggestion to anyone attending an away game hosting the Giants in which Bonds has a chance to hit 756. Sort of a compromise to the dilemma. Bring an extra ball into the game. If, by chance, 756 is hit to you, pocket it, and hold up the extra ball. Let everyone yell, give the TV cameras a chance to zoom in on you, and then throw it back (the extra ball, don't be an idiot).


Blogger James Q said...

Throw back the actual ball...come on.

It probably would be one of the most classic sports moments ever. Barry might lose more than half of the attention he would get. I would love it!

It would definitely be tough to throw back a ball that could change your life financially, though. I bet you could get some sweet TV appearance deals...could offset the loss a little bit?

14/7/07 22:29  

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